Who was Helga Weissova?

Helga Weissova, Concert in the Dormitory
Helga Weissova, Concert in the Dormitory

In Terezin
Helga Weissova was taken to Terezin at the age of 12. She stayed there for three years. In Terezin she showed what was really happening to her through art. Many of her pictures still survive today. One picture shows the people looking through the trash for food, another picture shows a women boiling sheets, she seems to be a maid of some sort, many believe she is doing this to stop the spreeding of diseases. Some pictures are happy however. One of Helga's drawings show many people listen and playing music together. This shows that Terezin was not all bad.

In Labor camp
After three years Helga Weissova was moved out of Terezin, she was one of 150-132 children that survived. Unfortunately 1,500 children started in the ghetto. When Helga was moved to a labor camp her pictures became darker and more grief. One picture shows a man killing himself on the electric wire fence, another shows a pile of death bodies.


Looking at her Terezin pictures and comparing them to her labor camp pictures you can really notice that Terezin was a nicer ghetto. No Ghetto is a walk in the park, and of course the Nazis were trying to make the Jews lives miserable, however through the pictures that Helga had drawn, that still survive today, show that it was a lot better than other places during the Holocaust.

Helga Weissova, Bread on the Hearses
Helga Weissova, Bread on the Hearses
Helga is now 80 years old. She lives in Czech Republic and is a very well known artist. She has a book filled with the picture that survived from the Holocaust. Helga loves to draw and is still active in the art community.
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